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Cameron 20-3/4" starter heads

8-off A-SECTION 20-3/4 inch; Starter heads, as-new/unused, manufactured by Cameron and owned by Exxon Neftegas Ltd. Further details available from seller.
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8-off A-SECTION 20-3/4" Starter heads, as-new/unused, manufactured by Cameron and owned by Exxon Neftegas Ltd. Assembly, casing head, A-section 20-3/4", 3k p.s.i. W.P. Part No. 2115451-02-02. Top level pack-off / slip-on starter head housing assembly consisting of: 20-3/4" housing, 2206418-01, two (2)  3-1/8" 3K p.s.i. FL gate valves, 141523-21-03-10, 3-1/8" 3K p.s.i. companion flange with 2" LP ported bull plug X 1/2" NPT plug, 142368-05-06-12, #18 hub clamp, 2016378-18-10,'IC-1'casing suspension and annular crossover seal assembly, 2206507-01, four (4) RX-31 ring gaskets , 2749835-02, RX-73 ring GA.

The equipment is to be sold as a single lot. The Seller reserves the right to change quantities without any prior notification; in case such changes occur, the amount of the final offer can be subject to post-bid negotiations. Equipment is located at Port of Korsakov, Sakhalin Region, Russian Federation and is owned by Exxon Neftegas Limited, an ExxonMobil Affiliate

Equipment / materials condition: 
Never used; was demobilized from stock due to a change in well design.

Quality and characteristics of Assets:
The Assets on offer are sold on an “as is where is” basis and in the moment of their transfer from the Seller to the Buyer can have any defects and/or deficiencies both patent and/or latent. 

Seller makes no representation or warranties whatsoever regarding the Assets, its quality or any other characteristics, whether expressed or implied by law or otherwise (except as set out i...
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