ABB Surplus Electrical/Electronic Parts - Lot 1

ABB has a stock of surplus electrical / electronic parts available for sale on Dockstr currently marketed in ten lots. Lot 1 includes proprietary ABB parts relating mainly to control systems including Communications Modules, Digital Outputs, Analogue O...
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The Lot-1 of 'ABB Surplus Electrical/Electronic Parts' includes the following (with ABB Product ID where applicable). Note that quantities can be found in the attached document.
  1. TU921S Redundant Termination Unit (TU16R-Ex) 
  2. SA910S Power Supply (PS24-Ex) (classic)
  3. CI920S Communication Interface FW: 1.21 - CIPB-Ex
  4. AO920S Analog output, isolated (AO4I-Ex) FW: 1.01 - AO4I-Ex
  5. DO910S Digital Output (DO4-Ex) FW: 1.10 - DO4-Ex
  6. BP901S - DC Fuse/Filter - Ex
  7. AI910S Analog input (AI4-Ex)
  8. AI930S Analog Input, HART (AI4H-Ex)
  9. AI931N Analog Input, HART (AI4H)
  10. AI950S Temperature (TI4-Ex)
  11. AO920S Analog output, isolated (AO4I-Ex)
  12. AO930S Analog output HART (AO4H-Ex)
  13. BC810K01 CEX-bus Interconnection Unit (with TP857 Rev. A)
  14. BC810K01 CEX-bus Interconnection Unit (with TP857 Rev. B)
  15. CI810A AF100 Field Comm. Interface
  16. CI854AK01 PROFIBUS-DP/V1 interface
  17. CI920N Communication Interface V.1.5.x (CIPB)
  18. CI920S Communication Interface
  19. DO910N Digital Output (DO4)
  20. DO910S Digital Output (DO4-Ex)
  21. IP920 - Dummy Module
  22. Patch cable Cat.5 L: 2,0m Yellow
  23. Patch cable Cat.5E L: 2,0m Grey
  24. Patch cable Cat.6A L: 1,0m Grey
  25. Patch cable Cat.6A L: 2,0m Grey
  26. Patch cable Cat.6A L: 3,0m Grey
  27. Patch cable Cat.6A L: 5,0m Grey
  28. Patch cable Cat.7 L: 2,0m Grey
  29. Patch cable Cat.7 L: 3,0m Grey
  30. Patch cable RJ45 S-STP Class E Cat.6 L: 2,0m Grey
  31. Patch cable RJ45 S-STP Class E Cat.6 L: 3,0m Grey
  32. SA910S - Power Supply
  33. TB820V2 Modulebus Cluster Modem
  34. TB842 Modulebus Optical Port
  35. TB846 Dual Modulebus Inlet
  36. TB850 CEX-Bus Terminator
  37. TB851 CEX-Bus Terminator
  38. TB852, RCU-Link termin...
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