ABB Surplus Electrical/Electronic Parts: Lot 1 of 10

ABB has a stock of surplus electrical / electronic parts available for sale on Dockstr currently marketed in ten lots. Lot 1 includes proprietary ABB parts relating mainly to control systems including Communications Modules, Digital Outputs, Analogue Outputs, Module Termination Units and Patch Cables. See attached list for full details including including Product ID, Reference number, etc.


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The Lot-1 of 'ABB Surplus Electrical/Electronic Parts' includes the following (with ABB Product ID where applicable). Note that quantities can be found in the attached document.
  1. TU921S Redundant Termination Unit (TU16R-Ex) 
  2. SA910S Power Supply (PS24-Ex) (classic)
  3. CI920S Communication Interface FW: 1.21 - CIPB-Ex
  4. AO920S Analog output, isolated (AO4I-Ex) FW: 1.01 - AO4I-Ex
  5. DO910S Digital Output (DO4-Ex) FW: 1.10 - DO4-Ex
  6. BP901S - DC Fuse/Filter - Ex
  7. AI910S Analog input (AI4-Ex)
  8. AI930S Analog Input, HART (AI4H-Ex)
  9. AI931N Analog Input, HART (AI4H)
  10. AI950S Temperature (TI4-Ex)
  11. AO920S Analog output, isolated (AO4I-Ex)
  12. AO930S Analog output HART (AO4H-Ex)
  13. BC810K01 CEX-bus Interconnection Unit (with TP857 Rev. A)
  14. BC810K01 CEX-bus Interconnection Unit (with TP857 Rev. B)
  15. CI810A AF100 Field Comm. Interface
  16. CI854AK01 PROFIBUS-DP/V1 interface
  17. CI920N Communication Interface V.1.5.x (CIPB)
  18. CI920S Communication Interface
  19. DO910N Digital Output (DO4)
  20. DO910S Digital Output (DO4-Ex)
  21. IP920 - Dummy Module
  22. Patch cable Cat.5 L: 2,0m Yellow
  23. Patch cable Cat.5E L: 2,0m Grey
  24. Patch cable Cat.6A L: 1,0m Grey
  25. Patch cable Cat.6A L: 2,0m Grey
  26. Patch cable Cat.6A L: 3,0m Grey
  27. Patch cable Cat.6A L: 5,0m Grey
  28. Patch cable Cat.7 L: 2,0m Grey
  29. Patch cable Cat.7 L: 3,0m Grey
  30. Patch cable RJ45 S-STP Class E Cat.6 L: 2,0m Grey
  31. Patch cable RJ45 S-STP Class E Cat.6 L: 3,0m Grey
  32. SA910S - Power Supply
  33. TB820V2 Modulebus Cluster Modem
  34. TB842 Modulebus Optical Port
  35. TB846 Dual Modulebus Inlet
  36. TB850 CEX-Bus Terminator
  37. TB851 CEX-Bus Terminator
  38. TB852, RCU-Link terminator
  39. TB853, RCU Control Link Terminator
  40. TU811V1 Compact Module Termination Unit, MTU, 250V.
  41. TU813 Compact Module Termination Unit, MTU, 250V
  42. U921N Redundant Termination Unit
  43. TY801 Shunt StickNote