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Ultramax Drill Ship Equipment

New and unused equipment available due to cancelled ULTRAMAX Drill Ship contract. Located: Suape, Brazil. Inventory as listed below to be sold via auction as follows:

  • OPEN DATE: 1st June 2018
  • CLOSE DATE: 30th November 2018

Or go to the sale page at this link:

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Assets available for immediate sale by negotiation. Equipment to include:

Power Generation & Distribution
  • GE ‘271R830’ 9212KVA, 11KV 60HZ Horizontal Synchronous Electric Alternators (Qty 6)
  • GE 11KV Switchgear Cabinets, Various 3 and 4 bay Units (Qty 17) with ABB ‘VMAX/12.06.32’ & ‘VD4/P/12.16.32’ Circuit Breaker Switch Inserts (Qty 50)
  • GE ‘SMT-3H5400KMD’ 5400KVA, 60HZ, 3PH, 11KV/1760V/1760V Dry Transformers (Qty 6)
  • GE ‘SMT-3H2500KMD’ 2500KVA, 60HZ, 3PH, 11KV/460V Dry Transformers (Qty 6)
  • GE ‘5PKVF710G5390904’ 4500KW 3000V 60HZ Vertical Induction Motors (Qty 6)
  • GE ‘THR1A’ 2 x 1.35KV & 1100A in / 3.3KV & 1350A Out Frequency Converter Cabinets (Qty 6)
  • Cressall Generator Neutral Earthing Resistors (Qty 18), Jevi Breaking Resistors (Qty 4)
  • Zilmer ‘TC1’ & Schneider ‘TTE’ 1000KVA and 500KVA Dry Transformers (Qty 10)
  • Adelco 10KVA UPS & Cabinets (Qty 16) and Adelco ‘SR’ Battery Chargers (Qty 12)

Centrifugal Separators
  • Alfa Laval ‘HSS-PA636’ & ‘HSSPA-615’ High Speed Centrifugal Separators (Qty 27)

Flare Booms
  • Hampco Horizontal Flare Booms (Qty 4)

Zenitel Communication Package comprising:
  • SEA TEL VSAT Cobham Satellite Communications Equipment System ‘9711-44 16W’ QUAD KU Band Antenna System (Qty 4 sets)
  • Including ODU KU Band Codan 6916 LBAND 16W, ODU Band Codan 6916 LBAND 16W,
  • Single Band PLL LNB 11,70 to 12.20 GHz/10.75 GHz/LO and Comprehensive Spares Package
  • SEA TEL Arbitrator Kit, TxRx, 10MHz Reference with Rack Mount Kit (Qty 2 sets)
  • SEA TEL ‘5004-14’ TVRO system, EURO QUAD, 60 in and Comprehensive Spares Package (Qty 4 sets)
  • SEA TEL ‘ST94-21’ TV-at-Sea system and Comprehensive Spares Package ST94 (Qty 2 sets)
  • Installation Components for the above Systems with 5,000m Cabling, Shipboard Communications Antennas and Systems, Zenitel and Jotron In-Ship Communications Telephone System.

Life Boats
  • Harding Noreq ‘LBT935T’ 102 Person Life (Qty 2)
  • Harding Noreq ‘LBT850T’ 80 Person (Qty 2)

Waste Compactors
  • Tech Oil ‘MG5’ Waste Compactors (Qty 3)

Potable Water Generation and Wash Skids
  • Gefico ‘AQ10/12’ Evaporation Water Generators (Qty 4)
  • Flowplant ‘3011-8-22’ Wash Skids (Qty 2)

  • Large Range from Gabarino & Netzsch (Qty 79)

  • Large range - 1” to 14” from W&O Supply, Metalurgica & Interativa (Qty 2800+)

Expansion Joints
  • Balg Expansion Joints 1100mm Ø x 1050mm, 550mm & 450mm (Qty 45)
  • PILS Expansion Joints (Qty 56)

  • Large Range of Glamox Lighting, Bulbs & Fixtures (Qty 2000+)

General Equipment
  • Tank ventilation, Cathode protection, Flowmeters, Bollards, Cable trays, Gaskets, Watertight Doors, Salt Water Filters, Vibration Pads, Ejectors and much more.

VIEWING: Appointment Only

If you have any questions please contact:
Matt Gadsden
Tel: +44 (0)7711 276236

Or you can go to the sale page at this link: