Saturation Dive System

This SAT2 portable Saturation dive system is owned by Boskalis and is currently in South Africa. This is a versatile diving package that is configured for ease of transportation and adaptability to many types of vessels. It is rated for 300msw. Note that this system is not complete any longer as the winch skid and the bell were sold recently.


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This system includes the following main components:
• A-frame Launch and Recovery System
• 4 man Drass twin Lock Chamber with Equipment Lock and Medical Lock
• 6 man Draeger single lock Chamber with Medical Lock
• Brown and Root 9 man Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber (HRC)
• Dedicated HRC A-frame launch System with independent Winch and Power Pack
• Internal deluge System installed to all DDC locks.
• 20’ Dive Control Container
• 20’ Saturation Control Container
• 20’ Chamber regeneration and habitat control Container, consisting of 2 x Hydra 7,5kW external regeneration units
• 10’ Container with backup regen units
• 20’ Mechanical workshop Container
• 20’ Electrical workshop Container with Emergency Distribution power supply board EDB
• 20’ Machinery Container containing Main Electrical distribution board (MDB), 2 x diver and Bell electrical heater units with emergency change over switch and 1 x 2 diver ‘Divex” diver gas reclaim System
• 20’ Stores Container
• 230kVA emergency diesel generator
• Hydraulic diesel Power Pack for tools and powered tool Umbilical sheave.