Saturation Dive System

This SAT2 portable Saturation dive system is owned by Boskalis and is currently in South Africa. This is a versatile diving package that is configured for ease of transportation and adaptability to many types of vessels. It is rated for 300msw.
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This system includes the following main components:

  • A-frame Launch and Recovery System
  • 4 man Drass twin Lock Chamber with Equipment Lock and Medical Lock
  • 6 man Draeger single lock Chamber with Medical Lock
  • Brown and Root 9 man Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber (HRC)
  • Dedicated HRC A-frame launch System with independent Winch and Power Pack
  • Internal deluge System installed to all DDC locks.
  • 20’ Dive Control Container
  • 20’ Saturation Control Container
  • 20’ Chamber regeneration and habitat control Container, consisting of 2 x Hydra 7,5kW external regeneration units
  • 10’ Container with backup regen units
  • 20’ Mechanical workshop Container
  • 20’ Electrical workshop Container with Emergency Distribution power supply board EDB
  • 20’ Machinery Container containing Main Electrical distribution board (MDB), 2 x diver and Bell electrical heater units with emergency change over switch and 1 x 2 diver ‘Divex” diver gas reclaim System
  • 20’ Stores Container
    • 230kVA emergency diesel generator
  • Hydraulic diesel Power Pack for tools and powered tool Umbilical sheave.
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