ABB Surplus Electrical/Electroni...


ABB has a stock of surplus electrical/electronic parts available for sale on Dockstr currently marketed in ten lots. Lot 8 includes proprietary ABB parts relating mainly to control systems including Fire Alarm Panels, Analogue inputs, Communication Boa...


The Lot - 8 of 'ABB Surplus Electrical/Electronic Parts' includes the following (with ABB Product ID where applicable). Note that quantities can be found in the attached document.
  1. BS-420 AutroSafe Fire Alarm Panel SIL2 116 - KIT - BS420G2 - Autronica
  2.  AI880A High Integrity Analog Input 
  3. EAU - 310/B AUTROLON Communication board Autronica
  4. Communication Cable for EAU-321116-XBA-055 - Autronica
  5. Bag with remote screws for mounting communication cards - Autronica
  6. Bag with "Jumpers" - Autronica
  7. BNA-303/02 Rev.Nr. 2 - Autronica
  8. Telegartner: 19" "FO Patch Panel PROFI V1 U with assembled adapters and pigtails (connectors plugged in); 24xT-ST adapter, ceramic sleeve, metal housing; 24x G62,5 / 125, OM1, 2m, T-ST fibers pigtails, stripped for splicing, color: metal P / N: H02030C0003