BIT, PDC,17.5" MDI816 ER 25291 ID 64346A

BIT (PDC) 17-1/2" MDI816, LEHVBPX, ER 25291, Product ID: 64346A, 8 Blades, 16mm cutters, 6" Passive gauge (1" NOM, 5" tapered), MDOC 0.030"/0.100", 12 nozzles, nozzle with (series 60), TFA = 1.517 SQ IN, 10 @ 13/32", 2 @ 12/32"
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The Assets on offer are sold on an “as is where is” basis and in the moment of their transfer from the Seller to the Buyer can have any defects and/or deficiencies both patent and/or latent.

Seller makes no representation or warranties whatsoever regarding the Assets, its quality or any other characteristics, whether expressed or implied by law or otherwise, including, without any limitation, any representation or warranty as to merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, or the presence or lack of presence of any hazardous materials as part of Assets.  

Assets may have been used in an oil and gas facility by Seller.

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