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Riser Buoyancy Modules

24 x 8” riser buoyancy modules fully fitted with internal clamps and circumferential straps available immediately for sale. The modules have been used only on one offshore project and are depth rated to 150 metres.

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  • INTERNAL CLAMP: - Bolted directly onto the riser to securely lock the buoyancy module axially onto the riser; - Clamps for the installation of 8” pipelines. 
  • CLAMP BODY: - Cast from a tough and rigid epoxy resin, the clamp body is split into individual segments allowing the clamp to fit a range of pipe diameters. 
  • CIRCUMFERENTIAL STRAP: - Generates clamping pressure to ensure the clamp/buoyancy module does not slip on subject to external loadings o Cable of withstanding high tension loads; o Corrosion resistant in sea water with stands increase in tension due to pipe expansion. 
  • BUOYANCY ELEMENT: - Supplied in two halves compromising of synthetic foam core with polymer external skin; - Polymer external skin provides continuous aesthetically pleasing, highly visible surface. Protects the foam core from abrasion.