Our Checklist provides an aide-memoire to the buyer to think about the key aspects of any transaction.
Preliminary Stage
  • Review specification/documentation vs your defined requirement
  • Clarify with Seller anything unclear
  • Identify additional information required from Seller
  • Verify ownership (documentation)
  • Perform counterpart check if necessary
  • Define your position in term of non-compete requirement: local or global or industry?
  • Get confirmation from seller in writing of any important aspects
  • Assess transportation options and logistic aspects
  • Review documentation & maintenance history
  • Assess refurbishment costs
  • Assess other costs for bringing equipment to operation
  • Consult your legal counsel for support/advice
  • Survey/inspect the equipment if possible before to agree a deal
  • Agree terms of the deal in principle (term sheet)
  • Pay a deposit if part of the deal
  • Assess & evaluate Installation costs (if appropriate)
Closing Stage
  • Survey/inspect the equipment to confirm "the item" and assess deviation
  • Negotiate final contract with the support of your legal advisor
  • Review additional documentation on location
  • Agree final contract
  • Get final approval confirmation of transaction
  • Secure insurance, valid from point of sale